13 septembre 2013

Supers héros autochtones

Blue Corn Comics

  • Aztek is a fictional character, a superhero in the DC Universe. Based out of the fictional Vanity City, Aztek is the champion of the Aztec godQuetzalcoatl.

  • Chief Crazy Horse (Renegades)

Arak is a fictional comic book character published by DC Comics. He first appeared in a special insert in Warlord #48 (August 1981)[1] and was created by Roy Thomas and Ernie Colón.[2]

  • Chindi

  • Redbird (Batman sidekick, version of Robin in The Blue, The Grey, and The Bat)

  • Tall Tree (Renegades)

Pilgrim (Wetworks)

  • Red Bird (SiouxBlack Ops)

  • Nighteagle (Master Magus of the Age)

Ripclaw (Apache, member of Cyberforce) 

  • American Avenger (Pacqui)

Black Crow (Navajo)
Centurious of the Firm (Amerind)
Danielle Moonstar (Cheyenne, member of New Mutants, X-Force)

Doot (Wawenoc), Timespirits (Epic)
Elisa Maza police detective from the Gargoyles

HighNote of the Young Gods
  • Portal (member of same tribe as Puma)
  • Red Wolf (a.k.a. Wild Run CheyenneAnachronauts)
  • Spirit/ Iron-Knife, Charlie (of G.I. Joe)
  • Witch Woman (former enemy turned ally of Ghost Rider)

  • Super Shamou (Inuk, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, 1980s)

Pocahontas, une légende indienne — ou Pocahontas au Québec — est le 45e long-métrage d'animation et le 33e « Classique d'animation » des studios Disney. Sorti en 1995, il s'inspire d'une histoire réelle.

Irayi Limon.jpg
  • Zafiro (Guatemala Clan, Gargoyles TV series)


T. Hawk, or Thunder Hawk (サンダーホーク), is a Mexican Indian/Native American video game character in the Street Fighter series. He was first introduced in Super Street Fighter 

Wolf Hawkfield – Virtua Fighter

Tala – Darkwatch

Vulcan Raven – Metal Gear Solid